P.ersonal diet tips

P.ersonal diet tips

Yep, at this moment I’m fulfilling the second part of my diet. Many of you may know that I’ve lost a few pounds (not going to mention how much, ‘cause it’s rather embarrassing). But since I did, I get a lot of questions from friends who ask me for my secret, well here I’m about to disclosure my big diet secret.

I believe it all comes down to two things: discipline en routine. First I will explain you what routine means to me. On the one hand it implies that I’m always eating at the exact moment during the day. 9.00 o’clock (yogurt), 11 o’clock (fruit), 12.30 o’clock (3 slices of bread), 16 o’clock (fruit), 18 o’clock (warm dish or a salad) and 20.00 o’clock (a little snack of fruit). On the other hand this means that I know exactly what I’m allowed to eat and what I’m not allowed to eat. And this is where the discipline is necessary: not eating what you’re not allowed to eat of course is the hardest part. But I’m sure you can do it. Maybe this could be a magic tip: don’t buy anything you can’t eat. These are the things I’ve learned myself by going to a dietician.

Besides that I think it’s very important you have good guidance during your diet and you have a realistic goal in mind. If you have more questions I’d love to answer them but remember: unfortunately there is no magic secret.

PS: if you’re intrested in the recipe of this (probably) delicious nutella-cheescake (which I’m not allowed to eat, but luckily I am allowed to look at it), just click on the picture and there you’ll find the link to the recipe.


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